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Why Straighten Teeth?

With over 20 years of experience in the dental field, Dr. Scott Evans is a general dentist who specializes in the areas of orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics and restorative and cosmetic dentistry for patients living in Dallas and Garland and the surrounding communities in Texas.

Using the latest in up-to-date techniques and dental innovations, Dr. Evans and his staff are able to provide premium care through a variety of processes and procedures, including orthodontics, implants, cosmetic contouring, teeth whitening and root canals.

Straightening Your Teeth Elevates your Self-confidence and Promotes Good Dental Health

Straighter teeth are not only more aesthetically pleasing but are also healthier teeth as well. Plus, realigning the teeth makes it easier for you to clean away the plaque that can lead to dental problems such as bad breath, tartar build-up, gum disease or cavities.

Straighter Teeth Means Fewer Aches and Pains

A misaligned smile can cause abnormal wear on tooth surfaces and extra stress on gum tissues and bones. Recurring headaches and facial, jaw, or neck pain can also result when the teeth aren’t straight. Therefore, straightening the teeth not only restores your self-confidence, but also makes it possible for you to improve your oral health and lessen the pain associated with misalignment.

Straighter Teeth Can Enhance your Life, Regardless of Your Age

Straightening the teeth can eliminate problems with chewing and lessen digestive distress as well. When the teeth are straighter, the risk for dental injury is also reduced. Regardless of your age—child or adult—you can benefit from the treatment. In fact, some orthodontic patients are in their 40s and 50s. Today, invisible braces, such as those trademarked under the Invisalign® name, make it possible for adults to wear removable braces that are neither noticeable nor distinctive.

Given Today’s Technologies, There’s Really No Reason Not to Improve Your Smile

Again, orthodontic treatment leads to better overall health and more self -confidence. So, with today’s innovative straightening products, there’s really no reason not to straighten your teeth.

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Written by Scott Evans, DDS February 28, 2013