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Composite Fillings in Dallas,TX

Metal fillings not only look unnatural, but many people are allergic to them. Composite fillings made from resin can be used instead and are available through the offices of Scott Evans, DDS for patients who live in Dallas and Garland and the surrounding communities in Texas.

What is dental resin?

Dental resin is made from a combination of plastic and ceramic compounds. The material is durable, yet lightweight and matches the color and texture of a tooth’s surface more naturally than traditional amalgam fillings.

How are composite fillings performed?

The dentist will first administer a local anesthetic. Gums will be numbed with a topical ointment, and then a needle containing anesthesia will be inserted into the area. Once this has taken effect, the decayed matter will be removed from the tooth. The area will then be dried with cotton and the teeth will be surrounded by gauze to keep the area completely dry.

A small amount of adhesive is placed on the tooth, followed by one or more layers of the resin or plastic composite. Once the right amount of material has been put into place, a special curing light will be used to harden it. This process is repeated until the proper amount of material is in place.

What are the advantages of composite fillings?

Resin fillings have a natural appearance, so they are virtually undetectable. They are also safe to obtain since allergies to resin compounds are extremely rare. Resin fillings are also very durable and easy to clean.

Are there any disadvantages to having composite fillings?

The tooth that was filled may be slightly sensitive for a little while after having one of these fillings.

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Cavities don’t have to ruin your smile. Resin composite fillings can make tooth repair appear very discreet. Here at the offices of Scott Evans, DDS, we can provide you with resin fillings that will be durable and look much like your natural teeth. If you live in Dallas and Garland and the surrounding communities in Texas, give us a call today at 214-717-6297.

Written by Scott Evans, DDS February 28, 2013