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Bonding in Dallas,TX

With over 20 years of experience in the dental field, Dr. Scott Evans is a general dentist who specializes in the areas of orthodontics, dentofacial orthopedics and restorative and cosmetic dentistry for patients living in Dallas and Garland and the surrounding communities in Texas.

Using the latest in up-to-date techniques and dental innovations, Dr. Evans and his staff are able to provide premium care through a variety of processes and procedures, including orthodontics, implants, cosmetic contouring, teeth whitening and root canals.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a conservative procedure which is used to repair or restore damaged or decayed teeth, improve the look of stained or discolored teeth, fill in spaces between the teeth, reshape teeth, or safeguard the roots of teeth where gums have receded.

While tooth-colored resins are used to fill cavities, dental bonding is used to repair teeth whose decay is more extensive. An affordable alternative to crowns or veneers, bonding does not require the use of a numbing agent if it is used to enhance the appearance of a tooth or teeth.

The Bonding Procedure

During the bonding procedure, the dentist will roughen the tooth and apply a substance to condition the resin material for bonding. After the material has been molded, shaped and placed, the dentist will use a laser or UV light to secure the restoration. The dental restoration is then trimmed and polished to conform to the tooth’s surface.

When is Dental Bonding Recommended?

Typically, bonding is best used for minor dental alterations as it does not prove to be as durable as other restorations, such as composite fillings, veneers, or crowns. However, for anyone who seeks to correct small defects or would prefer a resin restoration over an amalgam filling, bonding is a reasonable alternative.

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Written by Scott Evans, DDS February 28, 2013